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Giulia Adriani

Giulia Adriani, M.S.

Giulia Adriani, M.S.

Giulia Adriani, M.S.

Research Fellow
Houston Methodist Research Institute

E-mail: gadriani@houstonmethodist.org
Phone: 713-441-7265
Fax: 713-790-3033


B.S.   Mechanical Engineering, Polytechnic of Bari, Italy
M.S.   Mechanical Engineering, Polytechnic of Bari, Italy
Ph.D.   student, Biomedical and Biomechanical Engineering, Polytechnic of Bari, Italy



Giulia Adriani graduated with honors in Mechanical Engineering from the Polytechnic of Bari (Italy) in 2008 and is enrolled in the Interpolytechnic PhD program in Biomedical and Biomechanical Engineering at the Polytechnic of Bari, Italy. She joined Houston Methodist Research Institute (TMHRI) in October, 2010 as a research fellow.

Description of Research

  • Computational modeling of transport of an arbitrarily shaped particle in an incompressible flow using Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) approach and an immersed boundary method (IBM).
  • Study the adhesion of micro/nano-particles on collagen and on endothelial cells at different physiological flow conditions.

Major Areas of Research

Biomedical Engineering; Numerical Modeling of particle flow; Immersed Boundary Method.