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Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Residency Program

The Methodist Hospital Plastic Surgery Residency Program is a three year independent program through which two residents matriculate each year.

Application to the program is made through correspondence with SF Match and the Plastic Surgery Residency Program Director, Benjamin E Cohen, MD, FACS. Completed applications, transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc., are forwarded by the application service to the office of the Program Director.

Applications are reviewed and interviews are conducted by the teaching staff members of the residency program: Thomas M Biggs, MD, Pierre M. Chevray, M.D., Ph.D., Donald R Collins, Jr, MD, Ernest D Cronin, MD, Tue A Dinh, MD, Michael J A Klebuc, MD, Jeffrey D Friedman, MD, Leo Lapuerta, MD, Bruce K Smith, MD and Aldona J Spiegel, MD.