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Healthy employees help create a healthy bottom line for their companies.

Smart business leaders know this and include employee health promotion in their business strategy.  Dollars invested in employee health and wellness programs return 2 to 3 times on investment.

Methodist Wellness Services is a leader in corporate wellness solutions!  We understand the challenges you’re facing because we face them too.  We know how to create a culture of wellness within a workplace because we have done it at The Methodist Hospital System.   We consistently place at the top in surveys of health care quality and employee satisfaction.  We consistently rank high among Fortune Magazine's list of the 100 Best Places to Work in America. We appreciate that the health and well-being of our 15,000 employees is integral to our success.

We are innovators in using lifestyle modification to improve health and well being and reduce health care costs for companies and for families.  Everyday our talented, highly-trained health promotion professionals are showing people how to change their futures by changing the way they eat, exercise and manage stress today.

Let us show you how to make wellness an integral part of your corporate culture to drive improvements in both individual and organizational performance.  We offer effective, efficient and scalable health management solutions tailored to your business strategy and budget.   We define metrics that reflect your goals and objectives and enable you to validate your decision to include employee health promotion in your overall business strategy.

What's Best for Your Organization?

Contact Methodist Wellness Services today and we will get your company on the fast-track to healthier employees, improved productivity and more fiscally responsible results.