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Frequently Asked Questions:


Will I get college credit for completing this program?
No, this experience cannot be used for college credit.

I am a foreign pharmacy student/graduate;  can I apply? 
At this time this program is only open to students from Texas pharmacy schools.

I am a foreign pharmacy graduate; will this program help me obtain hours in order to practice in the US?
No, this experience cannot be used to gain practice hours for licensure.

Can I change the dates of the Observership?
The dates of the Observership program cannot be modified or changed.  While it is understandable that participants may miss a day or two, we are unable to accommodate participants who will not be available for a week or more during the program timeframe.

What hours would I be expected to work?
Observers are expected to be on site for 8 hours a day.  Most often the activities will be scheduled from 8am to 4pm; however, some activities may require observers to come in earlier.

What is the required attire?
Professional dress is the standard attire at Houston Methodist.  Some experiences may require that participants wear scrubs (i.e. observing in a clean room or in an operating room).

Where will I be able to park?
Parking is available in several garages and parking lots, all of which have a daily fee.

If I don't reside in Houston, is lodging provided?
Room and board is the responsibility of the applicant.

Will I get a certificate? 
Yes, a certificate of completion will be awarded at the conclusion of the program.

How much pharmacotherapy knowledge am I expected to know?
This program is designed for students who have completed their P1 or P2 year.  The main focus is to allow you to learn and experience working in a hospital setting.  You will have the opportunity to engage in many tasks and it is expected that you ask questions and use drug references to assist you, but you are not expected to be an expert.

I haven’t worked in a hospital before, can I still apply?
Yes, consideration will be given to all applicants regardless of experience.

Will I get to round on a team to see patients and present cases to the medical team?
As part of the program you will be given the opportunity to spend time with clinical specialists who work in a variety of settings (i.e. Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Critical Care, etc).  You may be able to observe patient work-up by various preceptors but you will not present to a medical team.

I want to volunteer at Houston Methodist Hospital, whom do I contact? 
Contact Volunteer Services

For more information on the development of this Observership program, please click on the article below

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