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Family Medicine Residency Program in Baytown Graduates Close to 200 Residents

On June 22, 2012, the San Jacinto Methodist Family Medicine Residency Program held its annual graduation ceremony for the 28th graduating class. The eight graduates included Drs. Bo Allaire, Marcus Wheeler, Bhavna Reddy, Poonam Rane, Payel Banik and Rina Shah, Jenny Luu and Esther De La Torre. It was a celebration of the accomplishments of these hard working physicians as well as a thank-you to the patients, nurses, medical staff and faculty who were involved in helping them learn the art and science of Family Medicine. The certificates were distributed by the San Jacinto Methodist Hospital Board of Trustees Chairman, Mr. Richard Peebles, and the Family Medicine Residency Program Director, Dr. Clare Hawkins. A rousing tribute to the graduates was given by Dr. Isaac Goldberg, a Family Medicine Residency Faculty member, who encouraged the graduates to remember the hospital and the program as they move to future practice settings. They were also admonished to always keep patients first in their ongoing care.

The outgoing chief residents, Drs. Allaire and Wheeler were recognized by the new resident leaders, Drs. Zynab Hassan and Justin Bogwu. An award for teaching excellence was given to Dr. Luu, and an award for medical records completion was given to Dr. Wheeler. The residents also selected Dr. Francisco Lopez Godoy to receive the Faculty Teacher Award.

Dr. Hawkins noted that all of the eligible graduates of the Family Medicine Residency Program took and passed their certification exam for the American Board of Family Medicine, which speaks to the excellent training associated with the Family Medicine Residence Program.

The Family Medicine Residency Program has been in existence since 1981 when it was operated from the Decker Drive hospital location. It is certified by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, (ACGME). The program provides patient-care services to clinic and hospitalized patients of all ages, including delivering babies and caring for newborns.

To date, 194 residents have graduated from the Program to become Family Medicine Physicians. Most of these physicians have started a practice in Texas and quite a few are members of the Baytown medical community. In addition to residents, the hospital assists with the education of students from University of North Texas, University of Texas at Houston, Baylor College of Medicine and University of Texas Medical Branch. The full-time faculty of the program include: Clare Hawkins M.D., Rebecca Hart M.D., Louis Hughes M.D., Kent Anthony M.D., Hugh Williston M.D., Isaac Goldberg M.D., James King M.D., Lakshmi Puppala M.D., Kelly Gabler M.D., Sarah Ehdaie D.O., Lindsay Botsford M.D., Francisco Lopez Godoy M.D. and Diane Dougherty, PhD. In addition to these physicians, many members of the San Jacinto Methodist Hospital Medical Staff give generously of their time to assist with the education of these resident physicians.

We are proud that the Family Medicine Residency Program is able to have a part in training new physicians to achieve competency in the science of medicine along with attaining proficiency in the art of medicine – the practice of patient-centered, humanistic care.