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Yihui Fan, MD, PhD

Instructor in Surgery, Institute for Academic Medicine
Instructor, Research Institute
Houston Methodist


Graft-Infiltrating Macrophages Adopt an M2 Phenotype and Are Inhibited by Purinergic Receptor P2X7 Antagonist in Chronic Rejection
Wu, C, Zhao, Y, Xiao, X, Fan, Y, Kloc, M, Liu, W, Ghobrial, RM, Lan, P, He, X & Li, XC 2016, American Journal of Transplantation, vol 16, no. 9, pp. 2563-2573. DOI:

The Costimulatory Receptor OX40 Inhibits Interleukin-17 Expression through Activation of Repressive Chromatin Remodeling Pathways
Xiao, X, Shi, X, Fan, Y, Wu, C, Zhang, X, Minze, L, Liu, W, Ghobrial, RM, Lan, P & Li, XC 2016, Immunity, vol 44, no. 6, pp. 1271-1283. DOI:

GITR subverts Foxp3(+) Tregs to boost Th9 immunity through regulation of histone acetylation
Xiao, X, Shi, X, Fan, Y, Zhang, X, Wu, M, Lan, P, Minze, L, Fu, Y-X, Ghobrial, RM, Liu, W & Li, XC 2015, Nature communications, vol 6, pp. 8266. DOI: