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Paul Rees, PhD

Full Affiliate Member, Research Institute
Houston Methodist


Paul Rees received his Ph.D. in physics from Cardiff University. He calculated the optical properties of semiconductor lasers and the measured spontaneous emissions from laser diodes under operating conditions. He was a research fellow in the physics department at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, where he studied self-pulsation in laser diodes and the theory of many-body effects in wide band-gap semiconductors. He later joined the School of Informatics, University of Wales, Bangor, UK, where he was appointed senior lecturer.

In 2005, Dr. Rees was appointed as the chair of nanotechnology in the newly-formed Multidisciplinary Nanotechnology Centre at Swansea University. As an Full Affiliate Member of Houston Methodist Research Institute, Dr. Rees collaborates with the nanomedicine department to study the uptake of micro and nanoparticles by biological cells. Dr. Rees also participates as a mentor for the graduate exchange training program between the Houston Methodist Academy and Swansea University.

Description of Research

Dr. Rees’ research focuses on the uptake of micro and nanoparticles by biological cells using high throughput imaging techniques such as imaging flow cytometry and multi-field imaging microscopy, the biological process of particle uptake, and the study of dose responses for drug molecules deliv-ered by particulate delivery vectors.

Areas Of Expertise

Laser diodes Nonlinear systems and chaos Simulation of cell mitosis Colloidal quantum dot fluorophores
Education & Training

, Cardiff University
, Trinity College Dublin

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