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Omaima Sabek,

Houston Methodist
Weill Cornell Medical College

Areas Of Expertise

Islet cell transplantation Functional Genomics Allograft rejection

Advancing islet transplantation: from donor to engraftment
Sabek, O 2016, . Springer US.

Osteocalcin; a novel therapy to reverse the decline in functional beta-cell mass in type 2 diabetes
Sabek, O 2016, European Association Study of Diabetes, Munich, Germany, 9/11/16 - 9/18/16, .

Sustained zero-order delivery of GC-1 from a nanochannel membrane device alleviates metabolic syndrome
Filgueira, CS, Nicolov, E, Hood, RL, Ballerini, A, Garcia-Huidobro, J, Lin, JZ, Fraga, D, Webb, P, Sabek, O, Gaber, AO, Phillips, KJ & Grattoni, A 2016, International Journal of Obesity. DOI:

Serum Undercarboxylated Osteocalcin Correlates with Hemoglobin A1c in the New Onset Period of Pediatric Diabetes.
Sabek, O 2016, American Diabetes Association, New Orleans, United States, 6/10/16 - 6/14/16, .

Three-dimensional printed polymeric system to encapsulate human mesenchymal stem cells differentiated into islet-like insulin-producing aggregates for diabetes treatment
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Serum Undercarboxylated Osteocalcin Correlates with Hemoglobin A1c in the New Onset Period of Pediatric Diabetes.
Sabek, O 2016, NIDDK minority meeting, Baltimore, United States, 4/20/16 - 9/22/16, .

Mapping radiation injury and recovery in bone marrow using 18F-FLT PET/CT and USPIO MRI in a rat model
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Effects of glioma presence during radiotherapy on tissue damage
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Radiation combined injury models to study the effects of interventions and wound biomechanics
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Characterization of a nanogland for the autotransplantation of human pancreatic islets
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Radiation-Induced Astrogliosis and Blood-Brain Barrier Damage Can Be Abrogated Using Anti-TNF Treatment
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Expression of transforming growth factor-ß by human islets: Impact on islet viability and function
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The Inflammatory Cascade in Acute Pancreatitis: Relevance to Clinical Disease
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