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Kumar Pichumani, PhD

Associate Research Professor of Neurosurgery, Institute for Academic Medicine
Associate Research Member, Research Institute
Houston Methodist
Weill Cornell Medical College

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Kumar Pichumani, PhD, is a research scientist at the Neurosurgery Research Laboratory and Associate Research Member at Houston Methodist Research Institute. Dr. Pichumani is an NMR physicist and has worked in NMR spectroscopy since 1990. He developed new methods using first principles of NMR spin relaxation to increase both resolution and sensitivity so that complex biomacromolecules of larger molecular mass can be studied by NMR Spectroscopy. These research publications were cited by two Nobel Laureates in NMR spectroscopy.

Description of Research

Dr. Pichumani's most recent research involves investigating in-vivo cancer metabolism using non- radioactive 13C enriched nutrients as infusion substrates (glucose, acetate, fatty acids), studying the fate of these substrates via high-resolution 13C NMR spectroscopy of surgically resected tumor tissues extracts. In a recent article published in CELL, he demonstrated that acetate acts as an alternate energy source for cancer cells in human glioblastoma patients and mouse models. He studied in India, Sweden and the US, gaining a diverse background spanning physics, mathematics, electronics, physical chemistry, NMR, Cancer Metabolism and biophysics.

Areas Of Expertise

Cancer metabolism NMR spectroscopy Molecular imaging
Education & Training

PhD, Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Indiana University Bloomington
BSc, Madurai Kamaraj University
MSc, Madurai Kamaraj University
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Stockholm University

Measurement of 13C turnover into glutamate and glutamine pools in brain tumor patients
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Elucidating the structural organization of a novel low-density lipoprotein nanoparticle reconstituted with docosahexaenoic acid
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Hepatic gluconeogenesis influences (13)C enrichment in lactate in human brain tumors during metabolism of [1,2-(13)C]acetate
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Conditions for 13C NMR detection of 2-hydroxyglutarate in tissue extracts from isocitrate dehydrogenase-mutated gliomas
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Acetate is a bioenergetic substrate for human glioblastoma and brain metastases
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Determination of 15N chemical shift anisotropy from a membrane-bound protein by NMR spectroscopy
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Magnetic resonance spectroscopy with longitudinal multispin orders
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