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Kenji Yokoi, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor in Nanomedicine, Institute for Academic Medicine
Assistant Member, Research Institute
Houston Methodist


Dr. Yokoi received his M.D. degree in 1992 and Ph.D. degree in 1997 from the Kanazawa University, School of Medicine and Graduate School of Medicine respectively. Dr. Yokoi completed his postgraduate research fellowship at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, TX. He then accepted a position as an instructor in the Department of Cancer Biology at MD Anderson and as an instructor of general and cardiothoracic surgery for Kanazawa University Hospital in Japan.

He was appointed to the position of assistant professor in the department of cancer biology at MD Anderson in 2007 and then as an assistant member in the department of nanomedicine in The Methodist Hospital Research Institute in 2011. Dr. Yokoi has also held the position of visiting scientist in the department of cancer biology at MD Anderson since 2011 and guest researcher for the Cancer Research Institute of Kanazawa University since 2008-present.

Description of Research

Dr. Yokoi’s develops novel therapies and imaging techniques for cancer using nanotechnologies. His basic research program defines the structure-permeability of tumor associated vessels to nanoparticles using various orthotopic mouse models of cancer. The over goal of these studies is to develop personalized therapy for cancer based on selection strategies that define the optimal drug loaded nanoparticles for a patient, based on the biodistribution properties of nanoparticles.

Areas Of Expertise

Cancer Biology Drug delivery Nanotechnology Imaging Nanomedicine
Education & Training

PhD , Kanazawa University Graduate School of Medicine
Postdoctoral Fellowship , University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

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