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Huw Summers,

Houston Methodist

Areas Of Expertise

Nanomedicine Optical techniques for biomedicine Cytometry Nanoparticle fluorophores

Multiscale benchmarking of drug delivery vectors
Summers, HD, Ware, MJ, Majithia, R, Meissner, KE, Godin, B & Rees, P 2016, Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine, vol 12, no. 7, pp. 1843-1851. DOI:

Profiling movement quality and gait characteristics according to body-mass index in children (9–11 y)
Clark, CCT, Barnes, CM, Holton, M, Summers, HD & Stratton, G 2016, Human Movement Science, vol 49, pp. 291-300. DOI:

Quantitative Time-Profiling of Children’s Activity and Motion
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A Review of Emerging Analytical Techniques for Objective Physical Activity Measurement in Humans
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An Analysis of the Practicalities of Multi-Color Nanoparticle Cellular Bar-Coding
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Carbon nanotubes' surface chemistry determines their potency as vaccine nanocarriers in vitro and in vivo
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Quantifying the cellular uptake of semiconductor quantum dot nanoparticles by analytical electron microscopy
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Label-free cell cycle analysis for high-throughput imaging flow cytometry
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Reduced cationic nanoparticle cytotoxicity based on serum masking of surface potential
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Integrated III-V semiconductor flow cytometer with capillary fill micro-fluidics
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A new imaging platform for visualizing biological effects of non-invasive radiofrequency electric-field cancer hyperthermia
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Radiofrequency treatment alters cancer cell phenotype
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Poisson-event-based analysis of cell proliferation
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Statistical prediction of nanoparticle delivery: From culture media to cell
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Development of an optically transparent silicon based technology platform for biological analysis
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The Importance of Particle Geometry in Design of Therapeutic and Imaging Nanovectors
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Interactions of cationic polymers with cells
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Photochemistry in medical diagnostics
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Quantifying nanoparticle-cell interactions
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Analysis of the influence of cell heterogeneity on nanoparticle dose response
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