Bradley K. Weiner, MD

Professor of Clinical Orthopedic Surgery, Institute for Academic Medicine
Associate Member, Research Institute
Program Director, Orthopedic Surgery Residency, Department of Orthopedic Surgery
Houston Methodist
Weill Cornell Medical College


Dr. Weiner is Professor, Vice Chairman, and Chief of Spinal Surgery within the Department of Orthopaedics at Houston Methodist Medical Center. He serves many institutional roles including Chair of Business Practices for the Research Institute and Medical Director of The Surgical Advanced Technology Laboratory that was established in 2011 and has garnered significant grant support exceeding $10M. Nationally he is a leader in microsurgery, ethics, evidence based orthopaedics, and nanotechnology-based surgical research; serves in leadership roles for orthopaedic and spine societies (North American Spine Society, American Orthopaedic Association, etc.); and is an Editor for the highest impact factor journals in his field. He has published over 230 papers, editorials, and book chapters; is currently completing two monographs; and has presented over 200 times nationally and internationally including keynote addresses and visiting professorships.

Description of Research

Dr. Weiner's research interests focus largely on the application of new technologies to orthopedic surgery and outcomes research. In his laboratory-based efforts, Dr. Weiner is now leading a collaborative effort to apply nanotechnologies to orthopedic and spinal pathologies.

Areas Of Expertise

Orthopedic surgery Spinal surgery Nanotechnology
Education & Training

, Summa Health System
, Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine

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