Stellar Neuron

The Stellar Neuron is an award that highlights a Houston Methodist neurology trainee who has acted extraordinarily in terms of patient care and compassion, achievements in clinical and research initiatives, and leadership.

2014 Stellar Neuron Award Winner

Brooke McQueen, MD
The Department of Neurology Residency Program presents the 2014 Stellar Neuron Award for excellence in leadership as Chief Resident to Dr. Brooke McQueen.

2013 Inaugural Stellar Neuron Award Winner

Umair Saeed, MD
Umair Saeed was a neurology resident at Houston Methodist. Umair is extremely bright and hardworking and considered one of the most conscientious and compassionate trainees. This was no less evident when, while in daily prayer at Houston Methodist Hospital’s Muslim prayer room, he observed a man experiencing an acute stroke. Due to keen observation and willingness to inquire and intervene, Umair Saeed was able to provide acute care and management that directly impacted the man’s life and well-being.

The gentleman, Hasan Syed, is a regular worshipper and often announces the start of the prayer for all present. On this day, Dr. Saeed noticed that, while standing in prayer, Mr. Syed became unsteady and sat down to continue his prayer. When the prayer was completed and all others were leaving the room, Dr. Saeed walked over to Mr. Syed to inquire if he was okay.

“On asking, he told me that he felt dizzy, his right side of body felt a little heavy and he could not see the right side of the room. I did a quick neuro assessment in the prayer room and told him that he might be having a stroke. I insisted that he be taken to the ER, but he said he is going to be ok. I brought a wheel chair from the front desk in hospital and took him to the ER," said Dr. Saeed.

Dr. Saeed alerted the stroke team and took him for a stat CAT brain scan. After a quick discussion with stroke attending (John Volpi, MD), Dr. Saeed administered TPA. The patient responded well, spending one night in the intensive care unit (ICU) and was discharged within four days with only a minor visual field deficit. Dr. Saeed reports, “Currently Mr. Syed is doing great and is almost back to his baseline, leading the prayers once again. I thank my God (ALLAH) for providing me this opportunity to help this gentleman.”