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Houston Methodist. Leading Medicine

Current Residents

PGY1 Pharmacy Residents

Jonathan Balk
Email: jlbalk@houstonmethodist.org
Pharmacy School: University of New England College of Pharmacy
What I like about Houston Methodist: I chose Houston Methodist for my residency because of the plethora of opportunities provided, as well as the culture in the pharmacy department. This program has a wide variety of rotations that can be tailored to your interests, helping to achieve a balanced but personalized experience. You also have the opportunity to see different PGY2 options, so it helps undecided PGY1s like myself solidify a future career path. Having several co-residents was important as well because I wanted to have a close knit group to work and share this experience with. The pharmacy staff here at Houston Methodist are friendly, passionate, and are eager to help the residents learn more about the profession and patient care. To me, Houston Methodist's balance of culture and clinical excellence made this program a no brainer!
Future plans: Pursuing a PGY2 in Critical Care or Solid Organ Transplant

Melody Maa
Office: 713-441-9810
Email: mymaa@HoustonMethodist.org
Pharmacy School: University of Washington School of Pharmacy graduate
What I like about Houston Methodist: I was first attracted to the Houston Methodist pharmacy residency program due to the ability of the program to provide a flexible residency year that tailors specifically to the residents' interest, while still maintaining a structured learning environment. The diversity of rotations available provides residents with an exposure to various fields of pharmacy and healthcare, and helps introduce us to possible PGY2 programs of interest. The progressive practice of clinical pharmacy here also enhances the learning opportunities, and really promotes Houston Methodist as leading medicine while focusing on a patient centered form of care. Finally, I really appreciate the culture at Houston Methodist, which encourages teaching and learning, not only within the pharmacy department, but across multiple-disciplines as well. This will definitely spur my growth as both a clinician and as a mentor to future healthcare professionals as well.
Future plans: I plan to pursue a PGY2 in critical care or solid organ transplant

Edward McLean
Office: 713-441-2056
Email: etmclean@houstonmethodist.org
Pharmacy School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine- Bradenton
What I like about Houston Methodist: Initially, it was the great reputation and the diverse clinical experiences offered through the program that drew me to Houston Methodist. After being here a few weeks, it is apparent that the clinical pharmacists here are true teachers and aspire to help all the residents practice at the highest degree possible. Additionally, the hospital is focused on evidence-based medicine and always strives to provide world class care to every patient. I believe this PGY1 experience will provide a solid foundation that will support a successful career, and I feel very fortunate to be a part of the Houston Methodist team.
Future Plans: I plan to pursue a PGY2 in Oncology

Dayo Osho
Office: 713-441-0673
Email: esosho@houstonmethodist.org
Pharmacy School: University of Minnesota, Twin-City Campus
What I like about Houston Methodist: During the interview process, I focused my search on large academic teaching institutions that would offer me the opportunity to experience different pharmacy practice areas. My search led me to Houston Methodist Hospital and I am very thankful I came here. The passion and commitment that pharmacists at HMH have for patient care and the profession as a whole is second to none. The entire pharmacy department is very supportive of residents and the highly diversified practice models of the various clinical groups within the hospital ensure that residents will be exposed to variety of experiences. I am very persuaded that the environment here at HMH will challenge and enhance my growth as a highly skilled clinical pharmacist.
Future plans: To pursue a PGY2 residency in either Internal Medicine or Cardiology

Jessica Tamborello
Email: jktamborello@houstonmethodist.org
Pharmacy School: The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy
What I like about Houston Methodist: Since completing student rotations at Houston Methodist Hospital, I have been impressed with the institution and its clinical pharmacy program. The pharmacists at Houston Methodist are well-respected, and they play an important role on the medical team. All of the preceptors are extremely knowledgeable in their specialties, and they are very enthusiastic about building competent and confident clinical pharmacists. This residency program also offers a large variety of rotation experiences as well as opportunities for research and academia. Overall, I absolutely loved my experience at Houston Methodist as a student, and I feel so blessed and honored to be training at such an outstanding medical institution.
Future plans:
I plan to pursue a PGY2 residency in Internal Medicine or Oncology

Julin Thomas
Email: jthomas3@houstonmethodist.org
Pharmacy School: Texas A&M College of Pharmacy
What I like about Houston Methodist: What attracted me most to Methodist are the diverse rotations, and numerous opportunities it offers in teaching and PGY2 options. The preceptors here are committed to patient care and educating emerging pharmacists. Pharmacists at Houston Methodist are highly involved in patient care activities and have been well integrated into interdisciplinary teams for decades. I am excited for the opportunity to learn from the pharmacy and medical team at Houston Methodist. I am confident this program will provide me the foundation I need to be a well-rounded clinical pharmacist.
Future plans: I hope to complete a second year to specialize in critical care

PGY2 Critical Care Residents

Jessica George
713 441 9510
Pharmacy School:
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy at the University of the Sciences
Houston Methodist Hospital (Formerly The Methodist Hospital)
What I like about Houston Methodist:
I chose to continue my training at Houston Methodist given that the institution has five distinct ICUs, which guarantees exposure to a variety of high acuity patient populations. As a PGY-1, I witnessed and participated in a multidisciplinary approach to patient care, which reinforced the role of the pharmacist here as an integral member of the health care team. The preceptors are also committed to preparing their residents to become strong, independent practitioners. I know that this program will facilitate my growth in becoming a confident clinician while also providing a multitude of experiences to prepare me for my future.
Future plans:
To obtain a critical care pharmacist position

Leah Sanchez
Office: 713-441-2609
Email: lrsanchez@houstonmethodist.com
Pharmacy School: University of Missouri – Kansas City
PGY1: Houston Methodist Hospital (Formerly The Methodist Hospital)
What I like about Houston Methodist: I chose to continue my training at Houston Methodist Hospital in critical care due to the variety of ICU patient populations and the hospital's overall commitment to patient care. The core values of the pharmacy department are centered on teaching, research and most of all, patient care and safety. This further increased my desire to stay a member of the HMH pharmacy team. Though my learning opportunities from my PGY1 year were vast, I know my learning at HMH is not complete and I am looking forward to another challenging year of professional growth.
Future plans: I plan to pursue a critical care pharmacy position

PGY2 Infectious Diseases Resident

Patrick McDaneld
Pharmacy School:
University of Colorado
Houston Methodist Hospital (Formerly The Methodist Hospital)
Fellowship: Cubist Pharmaceuticals and MCPHS University School of Pharmacy
What I like about Houston Methodist: I was drawn back to Houston Methodist because of the well-established and progressive clinical services, available teaching/precepting experience and the commitment of preceptors to helping their residents develop. I am confident the ID PGY2 program will provide me with a strong clinical skill set and prepare me to move into a clinical faculty position.
Future plans:
Interviewing for academic ID clinical faculty positions

PGY2 Internal Medicine Resident

Christine Aguilar
(713) 441-3309
Pharmacy School:
University of Arizona College of Pharmacy
Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center, Houston, Texas
What I like about Houston Methodist: The Internal Medicine PGY2 Pharmacy Residency Program at Houston Methodist Hospital is the ideal program for me for numerous reasons. The institution encompasses a diverse assortment of specialties and internal medicine patient cases that I strongly believe will maximize my learning. Furthermore, the clinical pharmacists are exemplary leaders in the profession. I appreciate their immense level of integration into interdisciplinary teams and patient care. Their dedication to teaching students and residents is also evident and admirable. I am also appealed by the many beneficial teaching and research experiences offered at Houston Methodist. Having the opportunity to train at such an esteemed institution in the world's largest medical center is truly an honor. I am confident the components of the program will help build me into the well-rounded clinician I aspire to be. I am looking forward to the wealth of learning experiences ahead of me this year.
Future plans:
Obtain a clinical pharmacist position

PGY2 Solid Organ Transplant Resident

Samantha Kuten
Office: (713)441-2873
Email: sakuten@houstonmethodist.org
Pharmacy school: University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy
PGY1 Residency: Houston Methodist Hospital (Formerly The Methodist Hospital)
What I like about Houston Methodist: I chose to continue my training at Houston Methodist in Solid Organ Transplant because of the strong pharmacy presence on the multidisciplinary team and extensive contribution to direct patient care. Additionally, the pharmacists are heavily involved in transplant-related research and teaching opportunities. As a large transplant center, the program provides high-volume exposure to all organ types, including kidney, pancreas, liver, heart, and lung. Most importantly, the preceptors are committed to serving as excellent educators, mentors, and practitioners.
Future plans: To pursue a position as a clinical pharmacy specialist in the area of Solid Organ Transplant.

PGY2 Oncology Residents

Zhili Fu
Office: (713) 441-7002
Email: zfu@houstonmethodist.org
Pharmacy School: Nova Southeastern University
What I like about Houston Methodist: I have been a clinical pharmacist at Houston Methodist for the past three and half years. I have always enjoyed the comprehensive clinical involvement as part of integrated health care team members. It allows the opportunities for positive impact on direct patient care. I am also proud of applying my skills in a top institution of the nation. The diversity of the oncology residency rotations offered in the program matches very well with my future professional practice interest and further increases my strong desire for an oncology residency at Houston Methodist.
Future plans: Upon completion of a PGY2 oncology residency, I plan to pursue a career as an oncology specialist to best utilize my expertise in patient care.

Eleanor Hobaugh
Pharmacy School:
University of Houston College of Pharmacy graduate
PGY1: Houston Methodist Hospital (Formerly The Methodist Hospital)
What I like about Houston Methodist:
I was originally drawn to Houston Methodist while on rotation as a student as I was impressed with not only the high level of clinical involvement of the pharmacist in the medical team but also the clinicians' commitment to personalized patient care and pharmacy practice. I have found these things to hold true throughout my PGY1 experience, and I greatly appreciated the preceptors and other individuals who challenged me to reach my greatest potential along the way. Additionally, the oncology department at Houston Methodist is expanding and this presents an exciting opportunity for residents in the program to assume an integral role in this growth. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to continue my training here at Houston Methodist as this is truly a special and wonderful place!
Future plans:
To obtain a position as a clinical specialist in oncology

Health System Pharmacy Administration Residents

Carmine Colavecchia
Office: 713-441-2055
Email: accolavecchia@houstonmethodist.org
Pharmacy School: Purdue University
What I like about Houston Methodist: I applied and interviewed at Houston Methodist Hospital because of the personable pharmacy staff, the outstanding reputation of the hospital, and the clinical and leadership opportunities within the Texas Medical Center. I knew if I completed a residency at Houston Methodist my training would be second to no other program in the country. I also wanted exposure to a breadth of newly developed pharmacy services, and Houston Methodist's pharmacy department has implemented a wide variety of services due to its proactive pharmacy leaders. I truly enjoy working for the hospital and could not ask for better colleagues.
Future plans: Over the next two years, I want to maximize pharmacy students' capabilities at the institution, apply for a national leadership position within ASHP, and identify an opportunity to create a novel pharmacy service at Houston Methodist. After completion of residency, I would like to create a residency program and apply for a clinical coordinator position. However, I will gain much experience of the next two years, so my plans and interests may change.

Patrick Birney
Office: 713-441-2958
Email: pjbirney@houstonmethodist.org
Pharmacy School: Northeastern University Bouve College of Health Sciences
What I like about Houston Methodist: The wide range of specialties, extensive inter-departmental collaboration, and location within the TMC put Houston Methodist Hospital in a position to develop young practitioners into leaders of their profession. My experience at Houston Methodist will allow me to make meaningful changes to the department and residency program's operation, and continue to improve upon a strong foundation of success.
Future plans: To pursue a management position at an academic medical center


PGY1 International Graduate Residents

Amy Namhee Kwak
Office: 713-441-2166
Email: nkwak@HoustonMethodist.org
Pharmacy School: Northeastern University Bouve College of Health Sciences
What I like about Houston Methodist: Based on my past experiences as a pharmacy intern, I knew I wanted to pursue my post-graduate training at a large teaching hospital. Houston Methodist drew my attention because of its prime location in the heart of Texas Medical Center and its outstanding reputation for the residency programs. When I was invited for the on-site interview, I became certain that Houston Methodist would provide me with the necessary tools to help develop my career as a clinical pharmacist. I strongly believe that Houston Methodist offers a collaborative learning environment that fosters professional growth and contribution.
Future Plans: I plan to pursue a PGY2 in cardiology or critical care

Cynthia El Rahi
Office: 713-441-2557
Email: celrahi@houstonmethodist.org
Pharmacy School: Lebanese American University, Lebanon
What I like about Houston Methodist: The primary reason in choosing the residency program at Houston Methodist is the focus of the program on developing expert clinical pharmacists. In fact, I had the opportunity to be part of the exceptional pharmacy team during my rotations as a student under the mentorship and guidance of expert clinical preceptors. I was amazed by the guidance and dedication to develop the resident's clinical skills and professional growth. The focus on patient care and "leading medicine" as well as the pharmacists' clinical integration in the multi-disciplinary team will provide me with the learning opportunities and solid foundation to eventually practice as a clinical pharmacist who provides and respects the needs of a varied patient population. Looking forward to this year!
Future goals: To pursue a PGY2 in oncology