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Critical Care Physical Therapy Fellowship


The mission of the Critical Care Physical Therapy Fellowship at Houston Methodist Hospital is to develop physical therapists who are nationally recognized leaders in providing patient-centered, evidence-based care to adult patients in critical care. Our acute care hospital and faculty are internationally-recognized providers of acute care, education, and research.


The Houston Methodist Hospital’s Critical Care Physical Therapy Fellowship is a unique 12 month program designed for the acute care clinician who desires to develop advanced skills in the evaluation and treatment of critically ill adult patients.  Emphasis is placed on development of complex clinical decision making in the intensive care unit.  The program integrates a strong didactic coursework with both mentored and independent patient care.  Highlights of the program include:

  • Rotation through each of 5 different ICUs (surgical, medical, cardiovascular surgery, cardiac, and neurology/neurosurgery)
  • Strong didactic component that includes classes, guided self-study modules, and rounds
  • Heavy mentoring component with a minimum of 190 hours of one-on-one mentoring time with highly experienced faculty mentors
  • Numerous observations of critical care surgical, interventional, and testing procedures throughout the program.
  • Clinical Practicum to enable the fellow to integrate new knowledge and skills into their patient care.
  • Fellow becomes employee of Houston Methodist Hospital for the duration of the program with full benefits and compensation package.


  1. Advance APTA’s Vision 2020 by developing the physical therapist fellow to be the practitioner of choice in providing the safest, most effective early physical rehabilitation to critically ill adult patients.
  2. Develop the fellow to be a consultant to peers, physicians, other health care team members, and patients/families.
  3. Develop the fellow to be both consumer and contributor to the body of evidence by utilizing sound research principles to review, design, conduct, and share research activities that have a bearing on the efficacy of physical therapy for this patient population.
  4. Promote dissemination of information on best practice for critically ill adult patients utilizing good teaching skills and strong mentorship.

Application for accreditation has been made to the American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education

Houston Methodist Hospital Critical Care PT Fellowship is credentialed by the
American Physical Therapy Association as a post professional fellowship program
for physical therapists in Critical Care.