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Corporate Physical Exams

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Proactive Wellness Physical

This physical focuses on prevention and includes a comprehensive medical history review and medical exam performed by a Methodist physician for early detection of heart disease and other serious health concerns.  Specifics include: vital signs, resting EKG and blood tests.  This physical can be performed onsite at your facility and billed through insurance, making it easy and convenient for your employees.  Fee for service physicals can be conducted in our Methodist Wellness Clinic and onsite at your facility. 

Fit For Duty physicals

Designed to screen and clear employees that are returning to work from a leave of absence and ensure that they meet the requirements to fulfill essential job functions.  MWS works collaboratively with corporate clients to ensure that clinical protocols and examination are aligned with job requirements.


Similar to the Fit-For-Duty physical, the Pre-Employment physicals screens and clears employees to ensure that they can meet the physical requirements necessary for essential job functions, as established by the client. This may include-but is not limited to-blood work, drug screens, chest X-ray, physical examination, hearing and vision testing, EKG and immunization. MWS works collaboratively with corporate clients to ensure that clinical protocols and examination align with job requirements.


Employees who are leaving an organization are evaluated using various test results such as-blood work, chest X-ray, physical examination, pulmonary function, EKG, hearing and vision. MWS collaborates with corporate clients to ensure that clinical protocols are appropriate for post-employment assessment.

Customized Corporate Physicals

Methodist Wellness Services can customize a physical to meet your company’s needs and health goals.  A comprehensive suite of tests, assessments, services and programs can be tailored to organizations and individuals.