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Coping With Heart Failure

It is normal to feel sad or stressed at times when you are living with heart failure. Following your treatment program may seem like a lot to remember, and some medications can also affect your mood. If you feel overwhelmed, try to focus on one day at a time, and do not be afraid to ask others for help when you need it.

Ways to Feel Better

Some heart failure patients tend to withdraw from friends and family, but talking to the people closest to you can help you feel better, even if you find it difficult at first. You can also:

  • Spend time doing things you enjoy. These may include participating in a favorite hobby, meditating, praying or spending time with people you care about.
  • Share what you have learned about heart failure with the people in your life. Invite family members along when you visit your healthcare provider.
  • Think about joining a support group for people with heart failure. It may be easier to talk to people who know firsthand what you are going through. They can offer advice and share stories. You may want to ask loved ones to join you for a meeting.

Asking for Help

Consider talking to your doctor or a therapist if:

  • You feel worthless or helpless, or have had thoughts of suicide. These are warning signs of depression, and treating it can help you feel better. When depression is under control, your overall health may also improve.
  • You feel anxious about what will happen to you or your family if your health gets worse. Taking care of legal arrangements, such as a living will and durable power of attorney, can help you feel more secure about the future for yourself and your loved ones.

If you need help finding a therapist, a support group or other resources to help you cope with heart failure, talk to your doctor.

Learn more about what to do after you are discharged:

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