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Patient Consultation & Referral

Second Opinion & Referral Services

Seeking a second opinion can help you make important medical decisions and our Second Opinion service can be an economical and reliable alternative to face-to-face consultation. This service offers international physicians and patients access to the expertise of Houston Methodist Hospital without the expense of travel.

Our Second Opinion service allows you or your doctor to submit medical records, radiology films, and/or pathology slides for review by our specialists. Your Houston Methodist team will prepare a personalized, comprehensive report that may confirm a diagnosis, remark on the proposed treatment plan, and possibly provide additional recommendations for care.

Executive Health Consultations

Tailored to meet the needs of busy executives and their families, your executive health evaluation will be scheduled for a single day. You will have access to primary, specialty, and subspecialty medical consultations in a package designed to fit your unique needs and enhance your ongoing medical care in your home country.

Before traveling to Houston, you will receive a questionnaire that will allow us to pre-schedule all the tests you require. Then we will send you a complete schedule outlining all your tests and consultations. Should you require assistance with travel arrangements, language interpretation, or the location of your appointments, Houston Methodist is here to help.