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Methodist Diabetes & Metabolism Institute

The diverse clinical capability of the MDMI, its dedication to improve patient care, and its ability to meet the unique challenges of the Hospital and the community it serves are seen in thepatient-centered programs designed to reduce length of stay, promote continuity of care and patient safety.Our objective is to establish within the Institute a full service, patient-centered program that offers prevention, screening, routine and comprehensive care for diabetes and obesity for which we have established several novel programs:


Adult Type 1 Diabetes Center In Houston, approximately 20,000 persons have been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, of which 72.5% are 18 years or older and there is no recognized expertise in the management of Type 1 diabetes in adults in the Houston area. The goal of the program is to provide individualized care for patients with Type 1 diabetes and their families to avoid blindness, end-stage kidney disease, amputation, cardiovascular injury and other morbid complications of this devastating disease.


Transplant Endocrinology and Hospital Glucose Control Program, the program uses pre-transplantation screening tools to identify patients at risk for metabolic complications after transplant and implements a comprehensive consultation service to deliver care to these patients during the pre-transplant, post-transplant hospitalization, and post-discharge long term follow-up, minimizing fluctuations in glucose levels and thwarting other endocrine complications.