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Pharm.D Training Program

The Pharm.D. Training Program at Houston Methodist Hospital provided Lebanese American University with the pharmacy advanced practice experiences required for ACPE-accreditation. The competitive Pharm D. Training Program consists of four months of rotations in community retail pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, ambulatory care and acute care settings.

"Indeed the 4 months of rotations at TMH were one of my best experiences in life. After this experience, I learned that people no matter where they are coming or what is their background, ideology, religion, race, ethnicity, nationality, can cooperate together in a very organized and fruitful way for the best of each and every patient." – Lebanese American University Pharm.D Student

Dr. Rodrigues - Observership Program

Dr. Rodrigues, a Vascular Surgeon from Brazil, spent three weeks with Houston Methodist DeBakey Heart and Vascular Center as an observer. During the observership, he was able to attend surgeries, and gain a deeper understanding of how the department functions from patient admission to discharge. As a result of his experiences at Houston Methodist Hospital, Dr. Rodriguez initiated a Hybrid OR project as his home institution.

"Being able to attend Houston Methodist Hospital as an observing doctor has been remarkable and rewarding experience…It has been a privilege to share this period with a team of such high standards." – Dr. Rodrigues

Lecture Series

Thank you for the new format which helped us handle a technical issue faced during connection. We tried several times to connect for the previous format but we failed and we decided to connect in WebEx platform. Physicians were very delighted when they discover the new format where they can connect through their home or office–Al Noor Hospital, UAE

Clinical & Professional Development Programs

"Thanking you from the perspective of quality professional, I am amazed! You have gone far beyond the expectations of your client!!"- Ismail Alrashdi, Head, Department of Quality Management, The Royal Hospital, Ministry of Health

"Really, your hospitality and treatment were more than my expectations. I was very proud to be trained in TMH where everybody has high level of professionalism and commitment toward patient care and safety. I will not forget my experience in TMH, will not forget your help and assistance to achieve my objectives of the training."- Yusuf Nasser Al-Khamisi, Directorate of Development and Quality, Sultan Qaboos University Hospital


"In addition to the friendliness of the staff, the transformational leadership at Houston Methodist and stands out. Everyone is dedicated to the vision and mission of the hospital and to maintaining a high quality of care for the patients." Sultan, iLEAD Trainee

"I learned so much about accountability and how to communicate and work as a team to achieve your goals. That is something I will definitely take back with me that I can apply immediately."- Aliyah, iLEAD Trainee


"A very topical and up-to-date course covering the principles and practice of all aspects of minimally invasive cardiac surgery. The 'hands-on' demonstrations in the wet lab were amongst the most impressive that I have ever personally experienced!"

-David Taggart, MD, PhD, FARCS
Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery,
University of Oxford

Please contact globaleducation@houstonmethodist.org or 1.713.441.8032 for more information.