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Comprehensive, World–Class Cardiology Services

Comprehensive, World-Class Cardiology ServicesRecognized as a leader in diagnosing and treating virtually every type of heart problem, Houston Methodist West Hospital allows the Katy and West Houston communities the best cardiology services— close to home.

Houston Methodist West offers complete cardiovascular support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Collaboration between Experts

Houston Methodist West cardiologists work closely with cardiovascular imaging specialists and cardiothoracic and vascular surgeons to develop personalized care for each patient.

Advancement in Treatment

The introduction of new technologies in both cardiovascular diagnostics and interventional cardiology (catheter–based procedures) have expanded the treatment options available to patients and greatly enhanced patient safety and outcomes.

Our hybrid OR allows interventional cardiologists to work alongside surgeons to perform joint (hybrid) procedures that improve outcomes while eliminating the need for a second procedure.

Common Treatments and Disorders

High blood pressure

Coronary artery disease
Atherosclerosis – blockages in coronary arteries
Ischemia – chest pain

Heart valve disorders
Valve insufficiency or regurgitation
Congenital valve defects

Vascular diseases
DVT (deep venous thrombosis)
Aneurysms (bulges) and aortic dissections (tears)
Common vein disorders – varicose and spider veins

Heart rhythm disorders
Arrhythmia – abnormal electrical activity
Atrial fibrillation – abnormal heartbeats

Heart failure
Congestive heart failure

Device implant
ICD (cardioverter defibrillators)
Left atrial appendage ligation/exclusion (Lariat™)
LVAD (left ventricular assist device)