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Methodist Sugar Land Hospital’s Cancer Center celebrates National Cancer Survivor’s Day Luncheon—June 1, 2012

Sugar Land, TX - 4/3/2012

Methodist Sugar Land Hospital will join over 12 million American cancer survivors in observing the 25th annual National Cancer Survivor’s Day this year. Hundreds of communities worldwide will host events on this day to celebrate life and demonstrate that there is hope. The contributions of the families, friends and health care providers who support cancer survivors will also be recognized.

Cancer Care TeamMethodist Sugar Land Cancer Center Radiation Oncology Staff and Clive Shkedy, M.D., Radiation Oncologist and Medical Director of Methodist Sugar Land Hospital's Cancer Center.

The National Cancer Survivor’s Day Foundation (NCSD) administrator is encouraging everyone to participate in their community’s event. “Come join in the fun and see for yourself that life can go on, and is sometimes even enhanced by a cancer diagnosis,” says Foundation spokesperson, Paula Chadwell. “National Cancer Survivor’s Day is a great opportunity for cancer survivors, caregivers, friends and family to come together and affirm the possibility of quality of life after a diagnosis of cancer,” added Clive Shkedy, M.D., radiation oncologist and Medical Director of Methodist Sugar Land Hospital’s Cancer Center.

NCSD started in the United States and is now worldwide, says Chadwell, and it is observed in countries as far away as Australia, Italy and Malaysia.

“A ‘survivor’ is anyone living with a history of cancer – from the moment of diagnosis through the remainder of life,” as defined by the Foundation. Cancer survivors may face many challenges such as hindered access to cancer specialists and promising new treatments, inadequate or no insurance, financial hardships, employment problems and psychological struggles. “Despite these difficulties, cancer survivors can live active, productive lives,” says Chadwell.

Methodist Sugar Land Cancer Center welcomes all local cancer survivors, caregivers, community leaders, Methodist Sugar Land Hospital physicians and anyone passionate about the cause to join us as we honor the survivors living with a history of cancer in America today. The Cancer Survivor’s Day Celebration and Luncheon will be held Friday, June 1, 2012 from 11:45-1:00 p.m. at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital – Conference Center. RSVP Required. Please RSVP your attendance by May 29th to Frances Goerlich by calling 281-274-7930 or emailing at FGoerlich@tmhs.org.

For more information on Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, visit MethodistSugarLand.com or call 281-274-7500 for a physician referral.

More information on cancer and cancer survivorship:

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