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Houston Endowment gives gift to surgical training institute at The Methodist Hospital

Houston, TX - 2/13/2012

The Houston Endowment awarded $1.2 million to the Methodist Institute for Technology, Innovation and Education (MITIE) to further the institute’s mission of helping new and experienced surgeons maintain and expand their clinical skills.

“The world of surgery is changing rapidly and this grant will not only help us train surgeons, but it will aid in our research pursuits as well as our quest to develop new and innovative technology,” said Dr. Barbara Bass, executive director and creator of MITIE. “We believe this generous gift from the Houston Endowment will allow us to improve patient safety and quality of care.”

The funds will be used to develop infrastructure such as a comprehensive learning management system, an Internet outreach program and hiring additional personnel to perform these operations. In addition, 15 new training modules will be developed as well as a model for determining how these training programs will be best paid for in the future by physicians and other stakeholders, such as insurance companies and leading surgical organizations. 

MITIE brings surgeons from all over the world to Houston to train in a sophisticated lab where they can understand the concepts of laproscopic and robotic surgery, endovascular innovation, image guidance and other operations. They train using simulation technology that can recreate any part of the patient environment, especially high risk situations. They also learn new techniques and procedures using animate or inanimate models.

MITIE also has a research mission focused on technology development, image guidance and the measurement of skills.

For more information about MITIE, log on to www.mitietexas.com. Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/MethodistHosp and Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/methodisthospital. You can also log on to www.methodisthealth.com.