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Cardiovascular surgeon presents at international petroleum operations conference in Norway

Houston, TX - 10/6/2010

Dr. Alan Lumsden, medical director Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center, gave the opening address at the 6th International Conference on Integrated Operations in the Petroleum Industry (IO-10), held September 28-29, 2010. At the conference in Trondheim, Norway, he highlighted important synergies between petroleum engineering and cardiovascular disease.

"Engineers at IO conference focus on the roles of remote monitoring and continuous data analysis from oil fields, and integrating that data to improve oil field production," said Lumsden, who is also chair of the department of cardiovascular surgery at The Methodist Hospital in Houston. "Many of the tools they use are highly relevant for monitoring blood pressure and blood flow and intervening real time to prevent heart disease, what engineers might call dangerous pipe corrosion."

In the Science and Practice section, Lumsden presented with others on The Intelligent Petroleum Fields - International Solutions.

Lumsden spearheads an annual conference in Houston called Pumps & Pipes, now in its fourth year. Pumps & Pipes, co-hosted by the Methodist DeBakey Heart & Vascular Center, ExxonMobil and the University of Houston, is a unique collaborative effort between Houston's largest industries - energy and medicine - to explore potential crossover ideas and extract shared technologies.

"Much like moving oil through a pipeline, the heart must pump blood through the body," Lumsden said. "The goal of Pumps & Pipes, as well as these discussions with engineers across the world, is to stimulate discussion, spark ideas and share new technologies between these industries that face similar challenges, even if on a very different scale."

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