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New CT scanner reduces radiation, cancer risk

Sugar Land, TX - 9/7/2010

In the past 18 months, research study findings and major television news reports have focused on radiation exposure from computed tomography (CT) scans. A valuable diagnostic tool, CT scans provide detailed views from deep within a patient’s body. But they require much higher radiation doses than conventional X-rays, creating growing concern among researchers that CT scans may contribute to an estimated tens of thousands of future cancer cases. The new CT scanner uses less radiation to produce images, and then sharpens the images to the clarity doctors need for diagnoses.

Methodist Sugar Land Hospital has taken a leading role in adopting this new technology, which became available in 2009. Since bringing the new CT scanners to Fort Bend County in November 2009, Methodist Sugar Land Hospital has been able to offer patients CT technology that dramatically reduces the amount of radiation in scans while still producing the clear images doctors need to diagnose and treat many serious health problems.

Methodist Sugar Land Hospital was the first in Fort Bend County to employ this newly developed CT software—called the Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction (ASIR), by GE, that experts say can reduce the radiation dose by 30 to 40 percent.

“I think it’s realistic for people to want to know more about this,” says Robert Malone, M.D., board certified radiologist at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital. “Five years ago, patients almost never asked about the amount of radiation. In the past year to two years, the amount of concern has increased exponentially.”

“Publicity was generated about three years ago after the American College of Radiology decided to study the issue,” Malone says. And, he adds, “public interest has been further stoked by the news reports about radiation exposure from CT scans.”

“In response to growing concerns about radiation risks, CT manufacturers have made improvements that lower the radiation dose, while still providing physicians the sharp images they need for diagnosis,” Malone says. The advances include a CT scanner that adjusts the level of radiation used in a scan, depending in the area of the body that is being examined. For example, a lower dose is needed for the chest than for the abdomen, which has more soft tissue for the radiation to penetrate.

“If you didn’t have this software, you’d need significantly more radiation to get the same image,” Malone says. “We’ve had this technology on board since November 2009 and we haven’t seen any decrease in image quality.”

Seven of the CT scanners with this capability are in operation at Methodist’s locations throughout the Houston area, and 2 of those are right here at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital.

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