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See it on KHOU Channel 11? Find information on heart health and weight loss.

Houston, TX - 4/20/2005

Recent surveys show that 62 percent of all Americans are overweight – a figure that has held steady for two years. It is a growing epidemic that will increase if it is not addressed.

Heart disease is the nation’s leading cause of death, however many people might not know they are at risk.   Obesity is one the few observable risk factors that can alert someone they might be at risk.  Many of the other risk factors can only be detected by testing.

So who is at risk?   “Leading Medicine,” which aired on KHOU-TV Channel 11 on April 23, featured two important health topics: safe, long-term weight management options and identifying risk factors for heart disease.

Viewers learned how the new Methodist Weight Management Center offers safe, long-term weight management solutions that can reduce a patient’s weight and improve their health.

Viewers were also introduced to three Houstonians who appear to lead active, healthy lives. However, looks can be deceiving. Viewers were invited to try and figure out which patient had undergone a heart procedure. 

The show featured physicians and patient stories from both the Methodist Weight Management Center and the Methodist DeBakey Heart Center. The episode revealed options and steps that viewers could use to improve their health.

Former Channel 11 news anchor Steve Smith hosted this edition of “Leading Medicine.”