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Methodist cardiologist named vice-president of Inter-American

Houston, TX - 2/14/2006

Dr. Miguel Quinones, chairman of the department of cardiology at The Methodist Hospital in Houston and medical director of the Methodist DeBakey Heart Center, has been appointed vice president of the Inter-American Society of Cardiology.

He will represent the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology in this new role to promote dialogue among cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons and scientists and to maintain cooperation and promote the interchange of information with the international, regional and national societies of cardiology in the Americas.

"The exchange of ideas and collaboration among researchers is what drives discovery in medicine today, just as it did over 60 years ago when this great Society was inaugurated," said Dr. Quinones. "In my new role with the Inter-American Society of Cardiology, I will gladly help further this important mission, for the benefit of our patients here, and across the Americas."

The Inter-American Society of Cardiology was established in 1944 in Mexico City, when its founder, Dr. Ignacio Chavez invited distinguished cardiologists from North, Central and South America and the Caribbean to the inaugural ceremony. At the time, World War II prevented the attendance of European cardiologists.