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Methodist ranked among best in nation for liver transplant outcomes

Houston, TX - 10/5/2006

The Methodist Hospital Transplant Center consistently ranks among the top five institutions in the United States for liver transplant outcomes, according to the Scientific Registry for Transplant Recipients (SRTR). 
Methodist has an 89 percent three-year survival rate, compared to the national average of 78 percent.  The most recent SRTR three-year survival data shows that Methodist has transplanted 127 patients with new livers—more than the other top five institutions combined.
  ”Methodist has a large, multi-disciplinary team of physicians and experts committed to our patients,” said Dr. John Goss, surgical director of Methodist’s liver transplant program. “We are dedicated to providing the best care possible and to making every decision in the best interest of our patients.”
The liver team, consisting of hepatologists, surgeons, radiologists and transplant nurses, rounds the hospital twice a day to monitor patients after transplant. 
 Since its inception in 1998, Methodist’s liver transplant outcomes have remained exceptional, Goss said.  About 75 patients each year receive liver transplants at Methodist.  Patients undergo extensive medical, psychological and financial evaluation with Goss and his team before being listed for transplant.
 Goss said the average national lifespan of a patient with a donated liver is 8.5 years, but that many patients have survived more than 30 years with donated livers.
 “This mainly depends on the reason for transplant and the overall health of the patient before transplant,” he said.  “We’re always looking for ways to improve outcomes for our patients.”
 As with all transplant services, Goss and his team are limited by the number of available donated organs to transplant their patients.
 “If more people chose to be organ donors, we could transplant more patients. This could open the door to transplanting patients before they become so sick, which would inevitably help improve their outcomes,” Goss said.  “One of our biggest missions as a transplant team is always to increase organ donor awareness.”
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