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Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital uses advanced 3D CT scan technology for facial reconstructive surgery

Sugar Land, TX - 11/21/2013

Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jon Mathy, with patient Bryan GodoyPlastic Surgeon, Dr. Jon Mathy, with patient Bryan Godoy

Bryan Godoy is a fit and healthy 17-year-old who is extremely active and passionate about sports. He had just graduated high school and was looking forward to starting college when he was accidentally kicked in the face during a soccer game. The bones supporting his left eye and left face were shattered and deformed, pushed inwards by about an inch and pushing his eye and jaw out of place.

“This was one of the worst fractures I have ever seen, even considering cases I have treated following car accidents and in patients who had been bucked in the face by a horse,” said Dr. Jon Mathy, a board certified plastic surgeon with additional subspecialty fellowship training in microvascular surgery and head & neck surgery at Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital.

Because of specialists providing expert facial reconstruction surgery that uses cutting-edge 3D CT scan technology, Bryan’s bone fragments were systematically returned to their anatomic positions.

“We are pleased to provide these services to those patients in the Fort Bend community who suffer traumatic facial injuries,” Mathy said. “In the past, patients in our area would have to travel to the medical center for complex facial reconstructive surgery. Now they can receive the same level of expert care close to home.”

3D CT scan technology provides Mathy with high-resolution, 3D renderings of a patient’s facial anatomy that he can use to plan individualized treatments to optimize their facial function and aesthetics.

3D CT scan rendering of Bryan’s facial bones following surgery with hardware in place3D CT scan rendering of Bryan’s facial bones following surgery with hardware in place

After Bryan’s operation, the Imaging Department at Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital performed a fine-cut, high-resolution CT scan of Bryan’s craniofacial bones.  These were stitched together into a 3D rendering that allowed Dr. Mathy to assess the outcome of the operation, including hardware positioning and facial symmetry.

“3D CT scan technology is extremely helpful from a reconstructive and cosmetic standpoint,” says Dr. Mathy. “It allowed me to evaluate Bryan’s facial bones in three dimensions to ensure that we had restored the functional elements of his face important for vision and eating. It also allowed me to optimize facial symmetry and aesthetic appearance. For Bryan, we were able to restore his appearance and correct the traumatic disfigurement that he had.” Bryan is extremely pleased with the results.

“I am so thankful for the level of expert care I received from Dr. Mathy and Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital,” says Bryan. “I can look in the mirror and feel good about myself again.”

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