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The forms below have been designed to allow anonymous feedback or suggestions on important issues that affect your experiences while training at Houston Methodist Hospital. There is a generic form that offers the opportunity for you to ask specific questions rather than submitting comments. The questions as well as the institutional responses can be found on the Frequently Accessed Pages (FAQ) link on the left navigation bar. Click on one of the links below to open and submit a form.

All submissions are completely anonymous. Your comments are read by fellow residents on the House Staff Council and GME Office administration. You are encouraged to be honest and forthright, however please also be constructive and as brief as possible.

If your feedback concerns affiliated hospitals or areas outside of the control of the GME Office, your anonymous comments/suggestions may be passed on for further response and action. If you would not like the comment to be forwarded but kept private within the House Staff Council and GME Office, please indicate so.

If you expect a response to be made directly to you, you should include your name, however remember at no time is this a required field for submitting feedback. These forms are guaranteed to be anonymous.

Your comments are greatly appreciated! While many of your ideas are novel and may benefit many residents, there is no guarantee that specific results out of our control will occur. Rest assured that the appropriate individuals or committees will be made aware of your concerns and any and all actions will occur promptly and be communicated.