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Houston Methodist Hospital Medical Staff Alumni Association

Association FAQs

Q: Who qualifies for membership?
A: This is a voluntary organization made up of retired physicians of the Honorary-Emeritus staff and Active Staff members who have served Houston Methodist Hospital 25 years or more who are in good standing. Participation is voluntary and may be relinquished at any time by the individual practitioner.

Q: What is our purpose?
A: The purpose of Houston Methodist Hospital Medical Staff Alumni Association is to provide a vehicle for physicians to communicate with one another, while keeping abreast of hospital activities through a website and newsletter.

Q: Is there a fee or annual dues?
A: There are no fees or membership dues. It is our hope that you will stay abreast of the activities at Houston Methodist Hospital and its priorities and serve as an ambassador and advocate for the hospital in the community at large. Philanthropic support can be provided through Houston Methodist Hospital Foundation. Houston Methodist Hospital will provide administrative support for the organization as well as funding for a mutually agreed upon annual budget for the Association.

Q: Are there opportunities to gather in person?
A: Special meetings might be held in conjunction with quarterly, general medical staff meetings. It is anticipated that there will be an annual social function generously provided by Houston Methodist Hospital.

Q: How do I access the website?
A: A password protected website (www.methodistalumni.com) is in operation, listing members of Houston Methodist Hospital Medical Staff Alumni Association. Personal data, such as address, phone numbers and e-mail addresses will be displayed on the website at the discretion of the member. Please email or call the Medical Staff Alumni office to provide any change of information.

Q: Who leads the Association?
A: There are three officers, President, President-Elect and secretary. These officers are elected by the membership and will serve 2 year terms to help guide the activities of the association. There will be standing committees such as the Nominating Committee, Historical Committee, Program Committee and Bylaws Committee. Please contact the Association if you would like to serve in a leadership capacity.