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Houston Methodist Hospital Medical Staff Alumni Association


Article I - Name
Section 1. The name of the organization is The Methodist Hospital Medical Staff Alumni Association.

Article II - Mission
Section 1. The mission of the Methodist Hospital Medical Staff Alumni Association is to serve the needs of those physicians who have retired from the Active and Honorary/Emeritus medical staff membership by promoting communication, loyalty and fraternity with TMH active staff and members of the Association; by advancing the ideals of the hospital through professional support of its activities; and to assist, whenever possible, the Board of Directors to fulfill the mission of The Methodist Hospital by offering advice and service based on the retired physicians years of service and experience, or by serving in some other capacity.

Article III - Membership
Section 1. The membership of the Alumni Association shall be composed of those members of the Active and Honorary/Emeritus medical staffs, who no longer are in practice as well as those on active staff who have served 25 years or more. In addition, the Medical Staff Officers shall either be ex official members or appointed representatives by their office to assist the mission of the Alumni Association.

Article IV - Meetings
Section 1. Regularly scheduled meetings shall occur at least annually prior to a Quarterly General Staff Meeting of The Methodist Hospital, and from time to time as the Executive Committee of the Alumni Association so requests. Notices of the dates and times of these events shall be communicated by The Methodist Hospital Medical Staff Services Department through email or letter at the request of members of the Alumni Association.

Section 2. No obligatory attendance requirements will be mandated by the organization in order to continue as a member.

Article V - Governance
Section 1. The organization shall have and Executive Committee composed of a President, President-elect and secretary. In addition, there will be standing committees to include but not be limited to the Nominating committee, Historical Committee, Program Committee, and Bylaws Committee. The chairs of these committees will serve on the Executive Committee. Other members of the committee will be appointed by the President of the Alumni Association. The total composition of the Executive Committee shall consist of no more than ten members. A representative of the Medical Staff Services Department will keep minutes for the Secretary.

Section 2. The officers of the organization shall serve one-year terms, and the chairs of standing committees shall serve two year terms. Committee membership will be open to all members of the Alumni Association and shall be appointed by the President of the Alumni Association.

Article VI - Fiscal Matters
Section 1. The financial needs of the Alumni Association to cover record keeping, information technology (such as the website), mailings and meeting costs will be borne by The Methodist Hospital. Additional needs of the organization may be negotiated between the Executive Committee and the hospital as these needs become apparent.

Section 2. No monetary dues will be assessed. Any physician automatically a member of the organization shall be entitled to opt out of membership at their request.

Article VII - Voting
Section 1. A simple majority shall suffice to decide any question which arises at regular or specially called meetings of the Alumni Association or action items for the Executive Committee.

Section 2. It sometimes may be impossible for retired members physically to be present at regular or specially called meetings. In order for those members to participate, they may elect to designate the President of the Alumni Association to vote for them, making their wishes known by addressing their correspondence to the Association President.

Article VIII - Amendments
Section 1. Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws shall be made by a simple majority vote of members attending a regularly scheduled meeting of the organization, plus those voting by email.

Article IX - Parliamentary Procedure
Section 1. The latest available addition of Roberts Rules of Order shall govern all meetings of the organization.