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Our Cosmetic Services

Our Cosmetic Services

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At the Methodist Family Medicine Group, we have a fully integrated cosmetic practice and family medicine to care for you and your family. This unique approach allows for your health, aesthetics and well being needs to be met in one location! This approach also allows you the combined experience of your family's physician for your medical needs and our licensed and experienced cosmetic professionals for your aesthetic needs.

At Methodist Family Medicine Group, our commitment is to provide relaxation, results and stress relief in a warm environment for all of our clients. Who wouldn't want the most relaxing, pampering and luxurious experience possible? With custom designed treatments, expert products used in skin and body care treatments, experienced personnel and dedicated aesthetic rooms, we offer only those treatments which we feel are safe, reproducible and not associated with prolonged downtime.

Whether you are seeking skin care prevention and maintenance, treatment of the damaging effects of sun exposure or a soothing, tension-relieving and therapeutic massage, we offer a variety of services to meet your needs.

Please call our office today for a free consultation and see for yourself!

Our Cosmetic Service Include