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Clinical & Surgical Services

Clinical & Surgical Services

Visionary Eye Care with the Houston Methodist Difference

Dr. Rahul Pandit

Houston Methodist Hospital is known for its ability to evaluate and surgically treat the most challenging eye-related cases, offering dedicated ophthalmology operating rooms, 24/7 emergency room access, and ocular subspecialty coverage of Houston Methodist Hospital’s emergency room. Our excellent on-site surgical suites and dedicated, multidisciplinary staff allow us to treat even rare and complicated cases with the same range of experience and knowledge that is brought to each and every case we treat.

Houston Methodist Department of Ophthalmology Clinical & Surgical Services

However, Houston Methodist is also known for its on-site clinical outpatient evaluation and treatment facilities. Through our open-staff model, ophthalmology patients have the opportunity to see doctors affiliated with Baylor College of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College and private doctors who work at Houston Methodist Hospital. This range of professionals ensures that whatever a case requires, whether it is the clinical on-site treatment of or a surgical approach to a complex ocular disorder, patients will receive the best possible care from our highly qualified comprehensive eye faculty.

To request an appointment or find a physician, please call our Physician Referral & Health Information Line at 713-790-3333.