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Vocal Disorders & Treatment

Vocal Disorders & Treatment

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To learn more about our renowned otolaryngology (head and neck) care, request an appointment with a physician online or call 713-790-3333.

Performing artists may benefit from specialized care through our Center for Performing Arts Medicine. Learn more about CPAM treatment options.

Houston Methodist’s physicians treat more voice disorders than any other hospital in Texas. As home to the Center for Performing Arts Medicine, professional performing artists, including the Houston Grand Opera, trust their voices to our experts.

Our department treats a wide variety of vocal injuries and disorders, including:

  • Functional voice disorders
  • Organic vocal fold disorders
  • Neurological voice disorders
  • Vocal fold immobility
  • Paradoxical vocal fold movement disorder

Treatment options for these disorders include surgical and non-surgical therapies.


  • Indirect Voice Therapy
  • Direct Voice Therapy
  • Confidential voice therapy
  • Resonant voice therapy
  • Vocal function exercises
  • Accent method voice therapy
  • Digital laryngeal manipulation
  • Lee Silverman voice treatment
  • Respiratory retraining


  • Microlaryngoscopy With Phonosurgery
  • Fat Injection Thyroplasty
  • Gore-Tex® Thyroplasty
  • Botox®

Many disorders of the larynx, such as vocal strain or vocal nodules, can be treated without surgery. When possible, our experts approach speech and voice disorders with non-surgical methods, including voice therapy and/or medication.

Voice and speech therapy is customized to each patient’s particular condition and specific needs, taking other existing conditions like hearing loss into account. For patients in occupations where speech or singing are of primary importance – acting, singing, teaching, and similar professions – treatment will focus upon restoring vocal ability as quickly and effectively as possible. Patients will also learn techniques to minimize vocal strain and prevent future injury.

In cases where surgery is required, non-surgical therapies will also be used as part of a post-surgical rehabilitation program.

For more information on Houston Methodist’s otolaryngology services or to make an appointment, please contact our Physician Referral and Health Information Line at 713-790-3333 or request an appointment online.