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Fort Bend Family Health Center, Inc.

400 Austin St.
Richmond, Texas 77469
Phone: 281-342-4530
Fax: 281-342-3832
(Fort Bend County)

Fort Bend Family Health Center (FBFHC) is a community-based organization that serves the health care needs of low-income residents predominantly from Fort Bend and Waller Counties. FBFHC also has a WIC program, which is provided at sites in Richmond and Stafford in Fort Bend County, and in Wharton and El Campo in Wharton County. FBFHC health clinics are located in Richmond, Stafford and Prairie View. Additionally, the Center's mobile clinic serves patients in the more rural areas of Waller County. Concomitant to medical care, clients are eligible to receive free mental health counseling and low cost dental care. FBFHC contracts with licensed mental health providers for counseling services and opened a new dental clinic in the Stafford clinic location in February 2005.

Patients' health care and treatment goals are buttressed through FBFHC's Medical Case Management and Treatment Support program. Medical case management is provided to identify populations of (1) children with special health care needs, and (2) individuals who are HIV+. Further treatment support comes from social workers who advocate for clients, offer referrals and help patients to obtain medications, medical supplies, equipment, transportation and other basic needs.


Fort Bend Family Health Center, Inc. is dedicated to excellence in providing integrated health care services to improve the quality of life in the communities it serves.

Volunteer Opportunities:

FBFHC accepts volunteers to perform a variety of administrative tasks. Volunteers interested in reading to children in the pediatric lobby are needed to fulfill requirements of FBFHC's Reach Out and Read program