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A Career in MLS

A Career in Medical Laboratory Science

Lab Student

The medical laboratory scientist is a member of the healthcare team, utilizing a strong background in the sciences to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of the patient through laboratory testing.

Using a variety of techniques and complex electronic equipment, medical laboratory scientists perform laboratory tests on patients' blood, tissues and other body fluids. They are responsible for the entire process of test analyses: the operation, maintenance and repair of equipment; production and confirmation of accurate results, and the correlation of test results with disease processes.

Today's medical laboratory scientist has a wide range of options. While most choose to work in hospital laboratories, others use their investigative skills in medical research. Some combine administrative and managerial talent with their medical technology background to be laboratory or hospital administrators. Those with entrepreneurial interests are self employed consultants for physicians operating small clinics or laboratories.

New technologies, the prevalence of chronic disease, an aging population and new testing sites have created a wide open market. If you are interested in a challenging and rewarding career in the health sciences and have a desire to help others, medical laboratory science will provide you with unlimited opportunities and professional satisfaction.