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Inpatient Care

Diagnosis and Treatment - Inpatient Care

Some psychiatric conditions may place a patient, or those around him or her, in danger; these situations require intensive and immediate treatment that includes a hospital stay. At Houston Methodist Hospital, Psychiatry Services offers inpatient therapy for conditions including (but not limited to):

  • Thoughts or threats of suicide
  • Acute psychosis or delusions which place a patient at risk of harming him- or herself or others
  • Acute drug intoxication which requires medical management

If you or a loved one requires inpatient psychiatric services from Houston Methodist, it is important to know that treatment will be handled with the utmost concern for patient safety and privacy.

About Our Facility

Psychiatry Services is a secured area of private and semiprivate rooms for inpatient treatment of adult mental health and chemical dependency conditions, located on the seventh floor of Houston Methodist Hospital. Psychiatry Services treats both voluntary patients (provided they have completed a form consenting to voluntary treatment) and involuntary patients. Psychotherapy, medication therapy and other treatment options are available as part of comprehensive care (electroconvulsive therapy, or ECT, is not used without physician referral). In addition to a 24-hour nursing staff, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals, physicians and residents from the Baylor College of Medicine are available to assist with inpatient care.

What to Expect

Those admitted to our department receive a thorough evaluation to determine the level of supervision they will need for their particular conditions. For safety reasons, each patient will undergo a belongings search to check for any items which he or she might use to harm him- or herself or others. Patients are regularly evaluated for status and progress, and may be given additional privileges as is deemed appropriate. The average length of stay is less than one week.

Psychiatry Services provides around-the-clock, individualized care for each patient, delivered by physicians, specialists and psychiatric nurses. The therapeutic environment encourages full participation and positive social connection through group therapy, and self-sufficiency through psychoeducation. As in other departments of Houston Methodist Hospital, spiritual and pastoral services are available as part of patient care.