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Radiology Services - FacilitiesThe Department of Radiology Services at Houston Methodist Hospital has a comprehensive collection of modern equipment that is distributed throughout the hospital facilities. Houston Methodist offers patients a full range of radiologic services from general x-rays to highly specialized imaging capabilities—all designed to provide the quickest diagnosis and treatment.

Whether you visit the department for routine testing or a specialized diagnostic procedure, Houston Methodist Hospital staff insures the highest level of care and professionalism for all patients. Below are highlights of the technologically advanced equipment used within Houston Methodist Hospital Radiology Services department.

  • General Radiology (Diagnostic Imaging)
    • 3 Radiographic and Fluoroscopic rooms including a GE Precision 500 equipped with a DVD recorder
    • 6 routine Radiographic rooms
    • 2 Bone Density DEXA scanners
  • Breast Imaging Department
    • Full field digital units with Computer Aided Detection (CAD)
    • 3 Ultrasound units
    • 2 Stereotactic biopsy units
  • The Endovascular Center at Houston Methodist Hospital
    • 4 CV Rooms including Leonardo workstation and Polystar, one room located in surgical suite in Dunn Operating Room
    • 3 Neuro rooms including multimodality
    • Leonardo workstation
    • 2 Myelogram/Spinal Puncture rooms
    • 2 Ultrasound Units
  • MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Department
    • 7 MRI Scanners providing the latest diagnostic testing for
      • Stroke
      • Breast disease
      • Cardiac Imaging
      • Vascular Imaging
      • Functional Imaging of the brain and spinal cord
  • Ultrasound Department
    • 4 Advanced Units in the outpatient ultrasound department
  • Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT Department
    • PET (Positron Emission Tomography)/CT diagnostic imaging system with the ability to perform respiratory gating (4-Dimensional CT scanning) for radiation treatment planning
    • SPECT/CT
    • Three SPECT Cameras
  • CT (Computed Tomography) Department
    • Three multi-detector units
    • Coming Soon: Brilliance Big Bore 16-slice with Traxtal Precision soft tissue navigation system
    • 64-slice CT scanner in Houston Methodist Hospital Emergency Department