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A Message from the Program Director

Houston Methodist Hospital Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship

A Message from the Program Director

Dr. Patrick ReardonPatrick Reardon M.D., FACS
Chief, Section of Foregut Surgery
Surgical Director, Reflux Center
Director, Fellowship Program in Minimally Invasive Surgery

Howdy! Welcome to Houston Methodist Hospital Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship website. As the minimally invasive surgery fellowship director, I am excited to welcome new fellows into our program. Born and raised in Houston, I completed all of my medical training at Baylor College of Medicine, including medical school and general and cardiothoracic residencies, under Michael E. DeBakey.

Expect Excellence

During his many years of work here at TMH, Dr. DeBakey had a profound effect on the practice of medicine here in our institution. The bar was set pretty high, in terms of excellence in patient care. Dr. DeBakey was a brilliant researcher, a master surgical technician, and a tireless worker. He was dedicated to his patients and placed patient care above all else. Although it may not have always seemed so at the time, I certainly realize now how fortunate I was to train in the department of surgery that he created.

Dr. DeBakey surrounded himself with master surgeons, and insisted on the same efforts from them. He expected excellence. These were the role models I learned to emulate. These were the men and women who taught me surgery. Dr. DeBakey's constant insistence on excellence in surgery and excellence in patient care continues to set the tone at Houston Methodist today.

Dr. DeBakeyDr. Michael E. DeBakey

Through this fellowship, I and the other dedicated faculty in our department will strive to keep this rich surgical heritage alive by passing these values and skills on to you.

Program Focus

Houston Methodist Hospital Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship focuses on teaching surgeons the skill sets they need to be successful in their future clinical practice, whether that be academic or private. Success as a clinically active surgeon will involve some common elements, regardless of your future goals. It is our goal to focus on teaching each fellow to strive for excellence in surgical outcomes and patient care, fiscal responsibility, and emphasize technical excellence. While every surgeon will not be a technical master in the operating room, it is our goal to help you to be as skilled as you can be, given the tools you bring to the program. We will work to train you so that you can be at the "top of the curve" in technical skills and will strive to help you to achieve excellence in surgical care.