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Body Contour Restoration

Methodist Center for Body Contouring

Assisting patients to achieving an external appearance that reflects their inner self image is the mission of the Center for Body Contour Restoration. Patients who have experienced significant weight loss or undergone bariatric surgery will often develop loose, pendulous skin producing an appearance that does not correlate with their new feeling of health and vigor. Innovative body contouring surgery is now available to assist these individuals in completing their transformation. The patient's goals and desires are carefully considered in the creation of their individualized treatment plan.

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Excess skin in the face and neck is treated with rejuvenating surgery including face, brow and neck lifts. Abdominal skin aprons and sagging thighs are corrected with combined tummy tuck and body lifting techniques. Hanging arm skin producing a wing-like appearance can be removed with the scar concealed along the inner arm. Significant weight reduction can also produce loss of breast volume and shape. Breast lifts and augmentation can be utilized to restore a pleasing form.

Employing an individualized approach in an environment of respect and caring the Center for Body Contour Restoration has introduced many patients to their new body.

For more information about the Center for Body Contour Restoration or to schedule an appointment, please contact the Methodist Institute for Reconstructive Surgery at 713.441.6100(Texas Medical Center) or 832.522.8400 (West Houston/Katy).