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DREAMERS support group

Welcome to the DREAMERS Support Group

As you go through the reconstruction process for breast cancer, we want you to know that we are as interested in your emotional well being as we are your physical health. We offer a support group made up of women just like yourself who have gone through what you may be experiencing. The group is called "DREAMERS." The women who make up this group have experienced the same fear, uncertainty, isolation and resentment that you may experience. They have dedicated themselves to "be there" for you if you want to contact them.

DREAMERS — We pledge to provide information and support to breast cancer patients who desire restoration that enhances a positive physical and mental vitality so that every survivor lives each day to its fullest.

At any time you can call Leanne Woolley at 713-441-6922 (or you can e-mail her at plwoolley@houstonmethodist.org) to find out more about the group, when the next meeting will be, or contact information to speak to another survivor like yourself. 

You may might find it helpful to speak to our patients who have already been through the restoration process.