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Patient Surgery Guide - Medications


Medications NOT to be taken within 2 weeks prior to surgery


A-Z Listing

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**Medications NOT to be taken within 3 weeks prior to surgery

A 4-Way Cold Tablets
Adprin - B Tablets
A.S.A. Enseals
A.S.A. Tablets
Aches-N Pain Tablets
Advil Tablets
Aleve Tablets
Alka-Seltzer Effervescent Tablets
Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold Medicine Tablets
Amigesic Capsules
Anacin Tablets and Capsules
Anaprox DS Tablets
Anodynos Tablets
Ansaid Tablets
Argesic Tablets
Artha-G Tablets
Arthralgen Tablets
Arthritis Bayer Timed Release Aspirin
Arthritis Pain Formula Tablets
Arthritis Strength Bufferin Tablets
Arthropan Liquid
Ascriptin A/D Tablets
Ascriptin Extra-Strength Tablets
Ascriptin Tablets
Ascriptin with Codeine Tablets
Asperbuf Tablets
Aspergum [chewing gum] Aspirin
Asprimox TabletsAxotal Tablets
Bayer Aspirin Tablets
Bayer Children’s Aspirin Tablets
Bayer Children’s Cold Tablets
Bayer Select Pain Formula
Bayer Timed-Release Aspirin Tablets
BC Tablet and PowderBuf-Tabs
Buff-A Comp No. 3 Tablets with codeine
Buff-A Comp Tablets and Capsules
Buffaprin Tablets
Bufferin, Arthritis Strength Tablets
Bufferin, Extra Strength Tablets
Bufferin Tablets
Bufferin with Codeine No. 3 Tablets
Buffets II Tablets
Buffex Tablets
Buffinol Extra Tablets
Buffinol Tablets
Cama Arthritis Pain Reliever
CataFlam Tablets
Children’s Advil Suspension
Children’s Motrin Suspension
Clinoril Tablets
Cope Tablets

Darvon Compound Pulvules
Darvon Compound-65
Darvon with A.S.A. Pulvules
Darvon-N with A.S.A.
Dasin Capsules
Daypro Tablets
DiFlunisal Capsules
Disalcid Capsules
Doan’s Pills
Dolobid Tablets
Duoprin-S Syrup
Ecotrin Tablets
Emagrin Tablets
Endodan Tablets
Equazine M Tablets
Excedrin Tablets and Capsules
Epromate Tablets
Equagesic Tablets

Feldene Capsules
Fenoprofen Tablets
Fiorgen PF Tablets
Fiorinal Tablets
Fiorinal w/Codeine
Fluriprofen Tablets

Gelpirin Tablets
Gensan Tablets
Goody’s Headache Powder

Halfprin Tablets
Haltran Tablets
Ibu-Tab Tablets
Ibuprin Tablets
Ibuprofen Tablets
Ibuprohm Tablets and Caplets
Indochron E-R Capsules
Indocin-SR Capsules
Indomethacin Capsules
Indomethacin Suspension

Ketrolac tablets
Ketoprofen Capsules

Lodine Capsules/Tablets
Magan Tablets
Magnaprin Arthritis Strength Captabs
Magsal Tablets
Marnal Capsules
Marthritic Tablets
Maximum Bayer Aspirin
Meclo Fenamate Capsules
Meclomen Capsules
Medipren Tablets and Caplets
Menadol Tablets
Meprogesic Tablets
Micrainin Tablets
Midol Caplets
Midol IB Tablets and Caplets
Mobidin Tablets
Mobigesic Tablets
Momentum Tablets
Motrin Tablets
Nalfon Capsules/Tablets
Naproxen Tablets
Naprosyn Tablets/Suspension
Neocylate Tablets
Norwich Extra-Strength Tablets
Nuprin Tablets and Caplets

Orudis Capsules
Oruvail Capsules
Pamprin-IB Tablets
Pabalate-SF Tablets
Pepto-Bismol Tablets and Suspension
PAC Tablets
Percodan and Percodan-Demi Tablets
Piroxicam Capsules
Ponstel Capsules
Presalin Tablets

Relafen Tablets
Robaxisal Tablets
Rufen Tablets
Saleto Tablets
Saleto-200 Tablets
Saleto-400,600,800 Tablets
SalFlex Tablets
Salocol Tablets
Salsalate Tablets
Salsitabs Tablets
SK-65 Compound Capsules
St. Joseph Adult Chewable Aspirin
St. Joseph Cold Tablets for Children
St. Joseph Aspirin for Children
Sulindac Tablets
Synalgos Capsules
Talwin Compound Tablets
Tolectin 200,600 Tablets
Tolmetin Tablets/Capsules
Tricosal Tablets
Toradol Injection/Tablets
Trendar Tablets
Trilisate Tablets and Liquid
Tri-Pain Tablets
Trigesic Tablets

Vanquish Caplets
Voltaren Tablets

Zorprin Tablets