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Genito-urinary & Pelvic Reconstruction

Methodist Center for Genito-urinary Restoration

The Center for Pelvic and Genito-Urinary Reconstruction provides access to the latest reconstructive surgical techniques in an environment of discretion and respect. The potential loss of sexual function, bowel and bladder control and sense of wholeness associated with congenital differences and treatment of genitourinary and colorectal malignancies can profoundly impact an individual's quality of life. Our surgical team can help lead you on the road to recovery.

Cavernous nerve grafting is providing new possibilities for reversing impaired potency after radical prostate surgery. Advanced surgical procedures are available for correcting exter¬nal deformities of the male genitalia produced by trauma, tumor, infection or congenital differences including total penile reconstruction utilizing microsurgical techniques.

For women, treatment of gynecologic malignancies can result in functional and aesthetic losses of both the internal and external genitalia. Expendable local or regional tissue can be relocated and shaped to restore function, sensation and femininity. Similar procedures are also aiding young women with congenital differences to lead active lives.

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Individuals with recurrent pelvic and colorectal tumors, radiation injury or complex wounds may also benefit from surgical techniques that import healthy, undamaged tissue with a greater capacity to heal. Functional recon¬struction of the bladder, sphincters and urethra are performed as is gender reassignment. Surgery is frequently performed in conjunction with urology, gynecology and colorectal specialists to draw on all possible expertise.

The provision of coordinated multidisciplinary care and advanced surgical reconstruction in a thoughtful environment has maintained the dignity and improved the quality of life of many patients.

 For more information about genito-urinary and pelvic reconstruction services or to schedule an appointment, please contact the Methodist Institute for Reconstructive Surgery at 713.441.6100 (Texas Medical Center) or 832.522.8400 (West Houston/Katy).