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Microsurgical Reconstruction

Methodist Center for Reconstructive Microsurgery

Microsurgical reconstruction is providing new and dramatic treatment options for patients affected by cancer, trauma and paralysis. Expendable segments of tissue are harvested from the patient and transplanted to restore both form and function. Circulation is reestablished in the relocated tissue by performing microvascular connections. Blood vessels in the transferred tissues are united to those in the recipient area utilizing an operating microscope and sutures finer than a hair. These microsurgical procedures are often referred to as free flaps or free tissue transfers. Damaged nerves can also be repaired with microsurgi¬cal techniques to restore sensation and movement.

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The Institute for Reconstructive Surgery at The Methodist Hospital is a leader in microsurgical reconstruction. Centers of excellence have been developed to provide reconstruction of the breast, mouth, jaw, neck, scalp, face and pelvis. Dedicated multidisciplinary teams are also available to treat patients with traumatic limb injuries, facial paralysis and genital-urinary abnormalities. Performing these procedures on a daily basis with a specialized team has created the environment required to make these complex surgeries predictable and reliable.

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