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Continuing Pharmacy Education

Continuing Pharmacy Education

Mission Statement

“HMH CPE Program is committed to providing valuable educational activities to pharmacists and pharmacy technicians that will advance their baseline knowledge, core competencies, and teaching abilities, ultimately improving clinical and operational outcomes.”

Goals of the CPE program:

  • •  To enhance and develop the pharmacy staff’s knowledge of current and new pharmacological agents, dosing, interactions and adverse reactions to ensure competency in pharmacy practice to deliver optimal care.
    •  To increase the pharmacy staff’s awareness and familiarity with current therapeutic, pharmacy practice- related guidelines, consensus statements, evidence-based treatment options, and standards of care.
    •  To help the pharmacy staff to develop additional skills needed in evolving with and leading the field of pharmacy.  These may include topics related to professionalism, strengthening work relationships, mentoring, research, etc.
    •  To directly affect and result in the advanced education of our pharmacy staff thereby promoting the optimal patient care.
    •  To require the use of strategies utilizing adult learning principles and consider different learning styles.
    •  To regularly assess and evaluate the educational needs of the pharmacy staff in order to provide programs that are appropriate and highly valued by attendees. 
    •  To provide enough CE programs so that pharmacy personnel can fulfill at least 50% of their state/national requirements for licensure or certification.

2013-2014 Goals
• Launch an Infectious Diseases Practice-based program for pharmacists to bridge an identified practice gap
• Expand CPE activities out to our system hospitals and outside organizations
• Continue to offer quarterly Preceptor CPE activities

Definition of Continuing Pharmacy Education

A structured educational activity designed or intended to support the continuing development of pharmacists and/or pharmacy technicians to maintain and enhance their competence. Continuing pharmacy education (CPE) should promote problem-solving and critical thinking and be applicable to the practice of pharmacy.

Pharmacists or Pharmacy Technicians with a Question or Concern Regarding CPE:

Julie Won, Pharm.D., BCPS
CPE Board, Chair
Email: jwon@houstonmethodist.org

Joe Murillo, Pharm.D., BCOP
CPE Board, Vice-Chair
Email: jmurillo@houstonmethodist.org