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Physicians & Health Professionals

Physicians & Health Professionals


Radiation Oncology Staff


Our Radiation Oncologists act as consultants, and lead the medical team in planning and implementing radiation treatment. Radiation oncologists have an extensive knowledge of the entire process of radiation therapy, from the diagnosis and biology of the cancer to the technological aspects of treatment. While our radiation oncologists each have their own specialties within radiation therapy, they are each qualified to treat many different tumor specific sites. They are also involved in research, constantly moving toward improved cancer treatment modalities.


Physicist staff

A Radiation Physicist is part of the radiation therapy team. The physicist plays an essential role in planning and executing the optimum arrangement for the clinical implementation of all radiation delivered. The physicist also ensures quality measures are adhered to for proper machine performance at all times.



Our registered nurses provide an initial physical assessment, education and ongoing intervention for each of the procedures provided.They communicate with all care providers to ensure patient needs are met.


Therapist staff

The therapists are responsible to deliver the daily treatments according to the physician's prescription. These licensed professionals focus on ensuring the accurate alignment and delivery of radiation to the treatment site. They will guide each patient from the start to the completion of the course of treatment.


Dosimetry staff

Dosimetrists generate computer treatment plans under the direction of the physician and physicists. Their vast knowledge of anatomy and radiation equipment enables them to create optimal and individualized plans for treatment sites.


Clerical Staff

The clerical support team provides registration, scheduling, transcription, and administrative functions necessary to the department.



Our research team coordinates regulatory compliance for all research activities. These individuals work with the physicians and clinical staff to enroll, educate, and collect research data.

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