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Process for Ordering Tests

For Physicians

Open Access Lab: The Methodist Reflux Center is an open access lab. Any physician (GI, ENT, Pulmonary, etc.) can order studies. Studies are performed by a skilled nurse; Dr. Gulchin Ergun interprets the study results; then a report is prepared and faxed within 3 – 5 business days. A final report with a tracing is also mailed to the ordering physician.

Process for Ordering a Study

After the patient is seen and the appropriate study has been selected and discussed with the patient, please follow these steps:

  1. The physician will instruct their patient to continue or stop their acid-suppressive therapy.
    • If the patient is to remain on acid-suppressive therapy, there should be no changes in their medication routine.
    • If the patient is to be off their acid-suppressive therapy, it should be stopped 7 days prior to the study. The patient may use Mylanta®, Rolaids®, or Tums® to help control symptoms.
  2. The physician calls Methodist Centralized Scheduling at 713.394.6500 (choose option #6 to obtain a date and time for the study).
  3. The scheduler faxes an order form and patient instructions.
    • On the first page of the order form, the physician’s office completes the following:
      • demographic information
      • insurance information
      • study to be performed
      • reason for the study
    • On the second page of the order form, the physician’s office indicates which medications are to be stopped prior to the study and communicates this with the patient.
  4. The physician adds own signature and date (REQUIRED).
  5. The physician’s office faxes the order form back to Methodist Centralized Scheduling as soon as possible so that
    • the patient can be registered using the order form information,
    • Methodist can verify insurance for the procedure, and
    • Dr. Ergun’s office staff can verify insurance for the interpretation fee and contact the patient to inform them of any payment required prior to the study.

Patient Management at Methodist

The Methodist Reflux Center and G.I. Physiology Lab typically calls the patient two days prior to the study to confirm their appointment and review preparation instructions. On the day of the appointment, the patient arrives at Smith Tower (6550 Fannin Street) on the sixth floor — Suite 649.

If the patient needs to make payment for the interpretation fee, he or she will be sent to Dr. Ergun’s office prior to the study.

The patient will be given a questionnaire to complete, and then be interviewed by an RN to complete a patient record and be assessed. The study/studies will be performed and the patient will be given discharge instructions prior to leaving.

Location and phone:
Methodist Reflux Center & GI Physiology Lab
Smith Tower Building
6550 Fannin Street, Suite 649
Houston, TX 77030
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