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Houston Methodist. Leading Medicine

Department of Neurology

Resident's Basic Science Lectures

Dunn Guadalupe Conference Room | 12:00 PM
Houston Methodist Hospital

The lectures occur throughout the year on Wednesdays (noon) and are presented to the department and open to the other clinicians and scientists in the medical center.





04/25/2014 Jason Thonhoff, MD, PhD

”Giving Birth to FSHD: Contraction, Relaxation, and Emergence of DUX4”

Ericka Simpson, MD
David Beers, PhD
02/21/2014 John Eatman, MD

”Peering Through the Keyhole”

Ericka Simpson, MD
David Beers, PhD
12/11/13 Stacy Smith, MD "Retinopathy in Parkinson's Disease"

Andrew G. Lee, MD

11/13/13 Umair Saeed, MD "Stem cell therapy in acute ischemic stroke" John Volpi, MD
Sean I. Savitz, MD
05/16/13 Sepideh Mokhtari, MD "Glioma Microenvironment - Who is Directing Traffic?" Pamela New, MD
Yvonne Kew, MD
11/26/12 Brooke McQueen, MD "Channelopathies and Epilepsy: A Diagnostic Holy Grail or Goblet of Fire?" Jeffrey Noebels, MD, PhD
Tara Klassen, PhD
10/24/12 Hristelina Ilieva, MD "Advances in Frontotemporal Dementia’s" Stan Appel, MD
06/13/12 Ashkan Mowla, MD "Role of T-cells in pathophysiology of MS" David Beers, PhD
05/31/12 Kathleen  Alfuth, OD "Role of serotonin in migraine headaches" John Volpi, MD
05/30/12 Usha Thapalia, MD "Calcium dysregulation and mitochondrial oxidant stress in Parkinson's disease" Eugene Lai, MD
4/11/12 Xuan Wu, MD "Preconditioning--The intrinsic neuroprotective mechenism" John Volpi, MD
4/6/2011 Mohammad Al Baeer, MD "Myotonic Dystrophy: Making Sense of Antisense Therapy" Ericka Simpson, MD