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Center for Liver Disease & Transplantation

Your Patient Diary

You will need to keep a diary so that we can track your progress while you recover at home. (You can download the form here.)Your coordinator will let you know what needs to be recorded and for how long. Please bring this diary with you to all clinic appointments for review.

Take your temperature if you feel chilled, have flu-like symptoms, or have any sign of infection. If your temperature is higher than 101° F, call us.

Blood Pressure
Check your blood pressure every morning and evening, especially if you are on blood pressure medications. Call us if you have two readings in a row that are elevated. (Your coordinator will tell you what “elevated” means in your case.) If you have an elevated or significantly decreased number, take your blood pressure in both arms and call us. We may need to adjust your medication.

Weigh yourself every morning before breakfast. If you see a weight gain of 5 pounds or more in two days, call us.

Blood Sugar
If you have diabetes or a problem with increased blood sugar, then you may need to check your blood sugar before each meal and at bedtime. If you need to check your blood sugar at home, the diabetes educator will give you instructions on how to do this before you go home.

To find out more about the Methodist Center for Liver Disease and Transplantation, call us at 713-441-8839 or at 866-94-LIVER (866-945-4837) or send us an email.